In The Future Our Asian Community Is Safe, by Jess X. Snow

A little bit of wander from TriBeCa into Chinatown yesterday afternoon-evening. Spring in the city. You can’t see it here, but streets were teeming with people OUTSIDE among EACH OTHER…still a new post-lockdown experience, with that reset-button’s-been-pushed (I think?) vibe.

We were on a mission for ramen, but also…I think I need to reset my city-walking, art-viewing self to a generally slower speed. Gonna come back for a proper experience. #reconnaissance

If sanctuary for a queer migrant is neither a place nor a nation on Earth then I carve a permanent sanctuary in my work. Through film, large-scale murals, street art interventions, community collaboration, youth art education, augmented reality, and poetry, I strive to create a home for people of color with traumas surrounding anti-asian violence, queerness, sexual assault, migration, and state violence. — an excerpt from the Artist Statement for In The Future Our Asian Community Is Safe by Jess X. Snow

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